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8 Things you need to know about OBT 1.0.0
Servo     01/20/2017    


8 Things you need to know about OBT 1.0.0

Greetings Skyrealmers! We know that you have been waiting so long for the BIG Update! So here you are! The new wave of OBT is coming on 17th Jan 22:00(PST)! Before you try out the all new HoS, make sure you have read the below 8 important things!

1. New Server released: Tachi

We know that many Skyrealmers are looking forward to having a new adventure in a new Server. Therefore, in this Update we will be introducing a new Server---Tachi! Go explore the worlds between Richter and Tachi from now on!

2. New Starter Heroes Arrangement

First of all, we replaced Kyldra with Kashiko, then we re-designed the interface of the selection part so that Skyrealmers could get a better idea of where these Heroes come from. Instead of Heroes standing at the same place together, the backgrounds have now changed to be their homelands: Ghulstadt(Reinhard), Nexan Republic(Servo) and Shogunate (Kashiko).

3. New Tutorial Go Through

Introducing the brand new First Stage (which we've shared in earlier video posts) with faster, cooler progress! What is more, the most important thing is that---you can now SKIP the tutorial if you are confident enough!

4. Enhanced Combat Experience

We've been working really hard on improving the game experience; one of the key changes is the enhancement of combat feeling. With shorter cool-down, longer combos bar and more awesome visual effects, we ensure you will be amazed by all of these changes.

5. New Map Design

The new map is revamped so that you can access to Adventure and Stronghold easier than before. In addition, the interface of the stage selection is re-designed so that all the information and progress can been viewed in a more convenient way.

6. New Stronghold Mode

As you have already known, we refreshed the Stronghold with a lot of enhancements, as to improve the overall Skyrealmers’ experience. Easier to understand, more fun to attack & defence---feel free to share your comments with us after you played the new Stronghold Mode!

7. Resources Reset

Yes...because of the changes that we made in terms of the Adventure and Stronghold modes, below game data in 0.5.2 will be wiped out:
* ALL resources and progress in Stronghold
* ALL progress in Adventure
* Daily Missions
* ALL level of the facilities on the Ark
The good news is that we will be taking care of all of our early Skyrealmers - a TON of goodies, including at least one Hero, thousands of Gems, and other items will be compensated. More details of the arrangement will be released shortly, so please stay tuned!

8. Finally...We got HIM to join our Team!

In 1.0.0, we will be unlocking 1 more Hero...

Any Ideas? Let’s get ready to HoS OBT: 1.0.0!


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